Immersive Escape Rooms


An escape room is an immersive and interactive puzzle, typically, created around a central theme and designed to be completed in a certain amount of time. Best played in a group of friends, or family, escape rooms are the fastest growing, new entertainment in the nation!

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I visited Escapism with my family, about 12 people. This was my first time ever visiting an escape room, what an awesome experience. The staff were great explaining how to play were super nice about everything. I will definitely be coming back here and recommend this to everyone loves.

— Derek


It's your first day on the job at the nuclear power plant.  What could possibly go wrong?  We hope you work well under pressure and avoid a catastrophe.
This escape room is immersive, fun, and has a pressure filled storyline
Appropriate for all ages
Appropriate for all skill levels
Recommended for teams of 4-10 players

The Tomb

An earthquake has just uncovered an ancient temple of unknown origin in the jungle.  Seismologists believe another bigger earthquake could hit at any moment.  Discover the secrets of the tomb before your team is buried along with the rest of this lost civilization.
Highly immersive, fun, action packed story
Appropriate for all ages
Appropriate for all skill levels
Teams of 4-8 players

Do Not Disturb

Your crew of private investigators has been called in to resolve the mysterious activities in an old apartment.  You have an hour to prove yourselves but don't be surprised if you find something in the room watching your every move.
Creepy fun as you discover the secrets of this abandoned apartment.
Ages 10+
Appropriate for all skill levels
Teams of 3-6 players

The Score

When your crew went into retirement no one believed it would be forever.  But now you're back and looking to take down the biggest score of your lives: stealing back everything from notorious international criminal Salvo Faustino.  
Break into his hideout and grab what you can before his security shows up.  This is not going to be easy!

Escapism LLC is a limited liability corporation that provides immersive escape room entertainment in central Connecticut